Missing Dog Reunited With Family After Owner Sees Him On TV

Like many Americans, Dwight, who lived in Milwaukee, is in the habit of watching the evening news.

But one night, the Wisconsin man fell asleep with the TV on. When he awoke, the TV was now broadcasting the morning news.

But here’s where Dwight’s oversight took a fateful turn.

Now the station was airing a segment on adoptable shelter pets, and one of those dogs looked very familiar. In fact, the shelter dog looked exactly like Dwight’s missing dog Payday, a brown pup with an adorable underbite who’d gone missing two years before.

Screenshot: Facebook/Wisconsin Humane Society

“It only took one glance at the picture for Dwight to immediately recognize Payday, his long-lost pup who had gone missing nearly two years ago!” the Wisconsin Humane Society announced on Facebook, where they shared the details of this heartwarming reunion.

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The man immediately called the station, which put him in touch with the shelter. By the end of the day, the shelter dog had been reunited with his family, who’d been “distraught” ever since the dog’s disappearance in 2019.

Screenshot: Facebook/Wisconsin Humane Society

Payday initially belonged to Dwight’s daughter, who was 10 years old when her beloved pet went missing. The young girl was “distraught over the incredible loss of her best friend,” according to Wisconsin Humane Society’s post.


Nor had Payday’s years away muddled the dog’s recollection of his original owners. Payday gleefully wagged his tail and licked Dwight’s mom when she came to collect him later that day. Shelter workers captured the sweet reunion on film.

“Dwight’s mom, Melissa, came to pick up the beloved pup and – as you can see – it was the most incredible reunion!” shelter workers concluded. “We are beyond ecstatic for this amazing family to finally be whole again.”

Watch this heartwarming reunion in the video below!

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