Missing dog found up a tree

If your dog has ever  gotten lost, it's likely that you ran around the neighborhood calling Fido's name while carrying his favorite toy or treat. You probably went to places such as the park, the walking trail and the house with the two cats your dog likes to bark at. It's an understandably upsetting experience, but sometimes you just have to keep you chin up – way up. You've probably never thought of looking upward for a lost dog, but that's exactly what a family in Davenport, Iowa, recently had to do when their 7-year-old border collie, Laddy, went missing for two days.

Laddy was found 10 feet up a tree in the yard of a neighbor. No one knows why the adventurous collie decided to climb a tree, although his owner suspects it had to do with his favorite hobby of chasing squirrels. Fortunately, border collies are tough, agile dogs – so Laddy only had a few abrasions on his paws in addition to being tired.

So, if you ever find yourself separated from your pooch, try looking other places besides obvious ones where you may find him. He may not be up a tree, but by expanding the locations you check, you'll increase your chances of finding him!

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