Missing Dog And Veteran Owner Reunited After Nearly A Month Apart

Having a dog go missing is heartbreaking. The whole time, their owners are at home or out searching, wondering what happened and where their beloved furry baby is.

When that dog happens to be an emotional support dog for a veteran who suffers from PTSD, things become even more challenging.

Recently that happened to a veteran named Larry. He was heartbroken to discover his emotional support dog, Sandy Girl, had gone missing after a car accident.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Larry had to be admitted to the hospital after the accident and spent three days in the ICU. The police left Sandy Girl in the care of a neighbor, but that neighbor passed her on to someone else and by the time Larry was out of the hospital, no one seemed to know what had happened to Sandy Girl or who’d she’d ended up with.

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As it turned out, the person who ended up with Sandy had thought she’d been abandoned. They had no idea her owner was in the hospital and wanted her back!

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Larry was devastated, but he was also determined to get his dog back. In addition to putting up posters, he also hired a private pet detective.

Eventually, they discovered who it was that had Sandy and they were able to get her back and return her to Larry. It took 22 days, but it all ended up being worth it when the two were reunited.

Photo: YouTube/Rumble Viral

The moment they were reunited was filmed and it’s too precious.

Check it out in the video below:

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