Missing Cat Fell From A Window And Vanished. 6 Years Later, He Found His Way Home

When a Massachusetts cat fell from his third-floor window and vanished, his owner was understandably distraught.

“I was cleaning my windows and looking at the screen, and I could see the little claw marks where he had clawed before he fell out,” Margaret Cooke told WCVB Channel 5 Boston, recalling that terrifying day 6 years earlier when Mini Max disappeared. “And it just killed me.”

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WCVB Channel 5 Boston

Over the years, Cooke never gave up looking for Mini Max, whom she rescued as a kitten from beneath a nearby abandoned house. But while Mini Max never returned, the Peabody, Massachusetts animal lover continued rescuing homeless cats. Each animal in Cooke’s growing fur family was saved while she searched for Mini Max, the first rescued cat to steal her heart.

Screenshot: YouTube/
WCVB Channel 5 Boston

Finally, after 6 years, Cooke got a call regarding Mini Max’s disappearance. Her long-lost pet had been found in the nearby town of Revere, where a vet had scanned the presumed gray-and-white stray for a microchip.

“It was a miracle,” Cooke told the station. “I’m so glad that this doctor scanned him for bringing him back home on Tuesday. Yes. I’m so happy.”

Incredibly, Mini Max survived the past 6 years without major injury, although the twice rescued cat has a serious case of ear mites. This explains Mini Max’s noticeably flat ears, which are a common sign of ear mite infestation.

Screenshot: YouTube/
WCVB Channel 5 Boston

Ear mites are also common among outdoor cats. Though Mini Max reportedly spent time living with a different family, the missing pet clearly spent some time living outside. Once Mini Max completes his X-rays and treatment, he’ll rejoin Cooke and the rest of his rescued fur family.

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Of course, this heartwarming reunion wouldn’t be possible if not for Mini Max’s microchip, which Cooke kept up-to-date throughout the years. Sans microchip, this missing cat’s story would have a much different ending.

But the family who brought Mini Max to the vet also played a critical role in this sweet reunion. Scanning stray pets for microchips is an essential step when rescuing animals. Otherwise, you might be preventing somebody’s pet from going back home.

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