Missing Cat Reunited With Owner 3 Years After She Disappeared

Cookie is a sweet cat who lived in San Antonio, Texas, with her loving family. But that changed the day Cookie and her fur sibling, while being watched by a pet sitter, got lost and couldn’t find their way back home.

As the days turned into months, and then years, Cookie’s heartbroken owner began to fear she’d ever see her cats again. The woman was eventually reunited with Cookie’s cat sister, but it broke her owner’s heart knowing Cookie was still lost and alone.

Photo: Facebook/City of San Antonio Animal Care Services

But then one day, the missing cat’s owner got a surprising call. A woman had found an injured cat on her back porch and called animal control. When rescuers scanned the cat’s microchip, they discovered the injured stray already had her own family. This lucky break let rescuers reunite the missing cat with her owner, 3 years after Cookie disappeared.

“Last week, this sweet family was finally able to be completely reunited!” the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services wrote on Facebook. “Right away her mom held Cookie in her arms and welcomed her home with soft rubs and sweet kisses.”

Photo: Facebook/City of San Antonio Animal Care Services

Sadly, Cookie was found just a little too late to reconnect with her cat sister, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge about a month before. But Cookie’s grateful owner did her best to bring the whole family back together, at least for a moment, by displaying the late cat’s picture on her phone.

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According to the shelter, Cookie had changed during her years away, but she still recognized her owner, who was equally thrilled to find her missing cat after all this time.

“Although Cookie looked a little different now with her amputated leg due to her injury, Cookie’s mom was happy to see her baby again,” shelter workers wrote. “She is catching up on 3 years of missed love and cuddles now with her family and we couldn’t be happier for her!”

Ready for a SWEET story? Cookie the cat is now reunited with her family! Last week we posted about Ms. K’s call for…

Posted by City of San Antonio Animal Care Services on Sunday, May 2, 2021

Of course, this heartwarming reunion wouldn’t be possible if Cookie’s owner hadn’t microchipped her pets and kept that contact information up to date. Congratulations, Cookie! We’re so glad you finally found your way back home.

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