She’s The Sweetest Little Miracle On Two Legs!

I know, I fall in love over and over again, doing my job, but I just can’t help it! And I just fell in love again!

Meet Miracle! She is seriously the cutest thing on two legs. This bitty piglet may be struggling to walk but she’s not struggling to be an inspiration, right? Too much backyard breeding can lead to problem just like this. Thankfully, Miracle was rescued and she will get a custom made wheelchair so she doesn’t have to struggle to get around.

It’s stories, just like this one, that remind us all of the importance of adoption. Aiding these breeders has led to this! Horrible genetic defects that only make the animal suffer. It will be a “miracle” if someday we don’t have to see such horrible things.

So, remember, to always ADOPT! And NEVER EVER shop! Buying from backyard breeders only gives them incentive to breed more, leading to horrible consequences, like this poor piglet.

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