Mini-Horse And Pup Are The Sweetest BFF’s, It Will Make You Squeal

We all love getting some smooches, right? Whether it is the kiss goodbye as you head off to work, the kiss from your sweetie during times of relaxation, or the much-needed kiss goodnight before you fall asleep, a smooch says so much more than hundreds of words could.

So, what happens when a horse wants to give a smooch to a dog (no, this isn’t a joke)? Well, did you expect these two to be so “into” one another? I didn’t! Just look at how sweet this is! I love this! Nice and short, and sweet. It feels like something out of a Disney movie (I almost expected a song to break out after the smooch was given…or at the very least, some red, heart-shaped bubbles coming from the dog). LOL!!!

Source: YouTube/6stardanes
Source: YouTube/6stardanes

Brightened my day in under 20 seconds! And I’m sure it will brighten yours, too!

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