No Gift Is Too Small For This Grateful Golden Retriever

It’s not often you find a dog who turns down gifts, and Kenny is no exception.

This more-than-modest golden retriever has been grabbing the attention of millions ever since he accepted a well-meant but wee-sized present from his human. The bed his mother, Heather Stoddard, ordered online turned out to be an extra small, and as Kenny obliged to give it a go, photographic evidence has made the moment all the more memorable.

Kenny’s sister, Paeton Mathes, 15, who tweets under the handle @paetonmathes, was the first to post pictures of Kenny’s attempts at using the puny pillow online.

“My mom had free points to get something so she decided to order another dog bed, since our two dogs share one large bed,” Mathes told “So she just clicked it, not really looking at the measurements or even price. When it came in it seemed kind of small, so when she opened it, it was a surprise.”

Whether it came as a surprise to Kenny or not was beside the point once he laid down on it.

“We don’t expect him to sleep on it,” Mathes said. “However, he enjoys it throughout the day.”

Kenny was rescued from an abusive situation and has no problem making the most of what little he may have.

Kenny’s gratitude has seemingly touched a nerve in many others. Along with an outpouring of affectation, dog owners were quick to relate with pictures of their own big-dog-little-bed match-ups.

In the end, Kenny got a right-sized bed he could truly be comfortable with after all. Something about his smile seems a little more genuine, too.

“He’s a good boy,” Mathes told The Dodo.

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