Woman Starts Sanctuary For Special Needs Cats To Give Them A Second Chance At Life

The world is full of stray cats, and life on the streets is rough. For stray or abandoned cats who are terminally ill, disabled, seniors, or have other special needs, things can be even more challenging, and even hopeless at times.

Michele Hoffman is someone who has seen first-hand the hardships that cats with special needs face. Ever since the young age of six, Michele has been rescuing animals in need, thanks to the help of her mother.

After fostering cats and working with animal rescues for quite some time, Michele started to notice a troubling trend: Cats that were seniors, injured, abused, or had terminal illnesses often ended up killed by “rescues” or abandoned on the streets by owners, according to her website.

Photo: Pixabay/Burkhard Lüling

Because of that, she began Milo’s Sanctuary, a non-profit dedicated to giving cats a second chance at life.

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Her rescue started with the belief that “all cats deserve a second chance at life, especially those that have physical disabilities, are seniors, have a terminal illness, or have been abused and need someone to care for, love, and understand them.”

While some of the cats they take in can be adopted out into loving forever homes, others have a permanent place to stay at Milo’s Sanctuary.

As they explain on their website, the sanctuary offers a lifetime care program. They said, “Many of our long-term residents have ongoing physical or medical needs that prevent them from finding a forever home. When we rescue a cat, we promise them a lifetime love and care.”

Michele gave an interview with 60 Second Docs and spoke of her rescue and its mission. She explained that she loves working with cats, especially special needs cats.

Photo: YouTube/60 Second Docs

She said:

“The cats have taught me so much about life because they don’t know that they’re special needs cats, they’re just cats. I love them for their goofiness, their gentleness. Being with them all the time brings me the greatest joy. I really want to take the fear out of owning a special needs cat.”

You can watch the interview below to learn more or follow Milo’s Sanctuary on Instagram.

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