Rescued From An Awful Backyard Breeder, Milly May Have Lost Her Eyes, But She Gained The Best Life

When breeders aren’t careful and care more about profit than good genes, puppies can be born deaf or blind. Unfortunately, this sweet pup was one of those puppies. But luckily, she got a happy ending.

This adorable little dog lost both of her eyes due to bad breeding. She was three months old and weighed less than a pound when she was rescued. She had many health issues including cataracts, glaucoma, no teeth, and she was unable to walk.

Now named Milly, she is living the best life with her new mom and doggy siblings. She is big and strong and not only can she walk, but she can run like the wind! She had to get her eyes removed, but she adjusted perfectly and can get around great. Nothing slows her down! Her mom spoils her and she is loving life. Check her out in the video below and follow her on her Instagram!

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