Military Dog Gets Loving Home After War

While dogs are often used to reduce stress of U.S. military veterans and other people who undergo intense levels of mental trauma, more military dogs are getting the same treatment once they return home. Previously, military dogs were commonly euthanized after their service as they were thought to be bad household pets. But now, most of the dogs get a second chance.

Jukon, a golden-black Belgian malinois, was an explosives detection and patrol dog in Iraq. His powerful nose helped his handler sniff out potential threats, but the incredible heat was detrimental to his health. 

"He actually almost died when he got home from Iraq. He was already in chronic renal failure due to the heat and the work that he did," Judie Mindrum, Jukon's owner, told The Gainsville Sun. "The heat over there, if the handler isn't paying attention, will actually cook the pads off their feet."

Currently, there is a law that states that canines in the military are classified as equipment instead of personnel, which can make bringing pups back home difficult. Luckily, some are trying to take action to change that law.

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