Rescue And Reunion Reminder Why You Should ALWAYS Microchip!

When a rescue has a happy ending like this, I’m full of smiles! Watch what happens when a smaller dog needs a helping hand. He is about to get rescued when suddenly another dog appears.

Both dogs seem happy to see each other and the rescuers. Tails are wagging a plenty! But when the rescuer pulls out the microchip scanner, she certainly didn’t expect this to happen. One dog wasn’t chipped, but the other dog was.

Photo: YouTube/World Animal Awareness Society

Turns out, the microchipped dog was missing for quite a while. She had gotten out during a Christmas party. But now, her days on the streets are behind her. She gets to go home and be with her loving family.

Stories like this remind us just how important microchipping is. Collars with tags can fall off but a microchip is a permanent way to identify our pets in case they go missing.

Photo: YouTube/World Animal Awareness Society

Isn’t this rescue and reunion awesome? It’s the happy ending we wish all stories could have. The other dog is in good hands now, too. Say bye-bye mean streets! And hello to lots of TLC!

Watch this heartwarming reunion in the video below!

Video courtesy of the World Animal Awareness Society.

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