Sick Puppy Abandoned On Deserted Street Gets A Second Chance At Life

At just two months old, a small chihuahua-looking dog named Mickey was abandoned on a deserted street. It seems her owners didn’t want to deal with her, since she was sick and had severe health problems.

Rather than surrender her to a shelter or find her a new home, they opted to dump her garbage and let her fend for herself.

Thankfully, a couple of kind souls learned about Mickey and saved her from her terrible fate.

Photo: YouTube/Animal Shelters

As soon as they got her, they knew she would need to go to the veterinarian for an assessment. She had notably twisted legs and couldn’t stand on her own.

After an X-ray, they discovered little Mickey was suffering from a torn sacrum and had a tumor about her sacrum. Beyond that, she was also dealing with uncomfortable dermatitis and urinary incontinence.

Photo: Pexels/Quang Nguyen Vinh

They initially thought she might need surgery and possibly need to have a leg amputated.

After resting for a few days, they opted to try the surgery without amputation and it was a success!

Mickey was able to stand after the surgery for the first time. She seemed so happy learning to run and play with other dogs and people!

Photo: YouTube/Animal Shelters

We can only imagine what her fate might’ve been if it weren’t for the kind people who brought her in. She’s really living her best life now!

Watch the video below:

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