Michigan City’s New Law Cracks Down On When Dogs Can Be Left Outside

If you happen to be a dog living in Eastpointe, Michigan, your life may have just gotten a little better. According to a new ordinance that is focused on keeping dogs safe, you can be punished if you don’t treat your dog well. The ordinances are considered some of the ‘most progressive’ in Michigan and cover a number of issues for the health and welfare of dogs, including imposing a curfew and a ban on hobby breeding.

“These ordinances will not only improve the quality of life for the animals that call Eastpointe home but also result in a more humane community overall,” vice president of field services for the Michigan Humane Society Andy Seltz said. “We’re very excited to see if the momentum of these ordinances passing will carry over into other communities in Michigan and help all of us create a safe haven for the animals we share our lives with.”

Some of the features of the new ordinance include the following:

When a Michigan weather advisory predicts temperatures will be above 82° or below 43°, you cannot leave or house your dog outside.

It is now illegal to house a dog in a garage or shed.

You are no longer allowed to tether a dog with a chain.

It is now illegal to breed dogs as a hobby.

No family can have more than one male that is not neutered or one female that is not spayed.

According to Macomb County’s chief animal control officer, Jeffrey Randazzo, it is important to think about the shelter and welfare of pets and to be proactive, not reactive.

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Tank’s Goodnews claims that Brian Pylar, Eastpointe’s Chief Animal Control Officer, said he started working on this ordinance last year after he took a look at the calls he has had since taking the position back in November 2018. Some of the calls included breeding dogs ‘like crazy’ with puppies being in poor health or dogs kept in garages. Pylar, who was also an employee for Macomb County’s animal control in the past said that the state allows dogs to be kept in a garage or shed that is properly insulated. He, however, feels that “a dog shouldn’t live in a garage. They’re companion animals.”

Pylar continued, “I want to help prevent future cases.” Then he said they should “act on things we couldn’t act on before.”

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