Firefighters Rescue Tired Dog In Canal

A dog was in a dire situation and losing strength when a group of firefighters came to his rescue.

Miami-Fire Rescue responded to a call about a dog stranded in a Southwest Miami-Dade canal one Sunday. When they got there, they found an exhausted pooch struggling to paddle in the water.

They didn’t hesitate to slip into the water themselves and help the poor pup.

Photo: Miami-Dade Fire Rescue

“They quickly went in and pulled the tired dog out,” said Lt. Kirsten Miller, a department spokeswoman.

Photo: Miami-Dade Fire Rescue

They gently lifted the Rottweiler mix out of the water and placed him on the rocky shore, patting him and checking him over for any wounds.

Photo: Miami-Dade Fire Rescue

Then they warmed the grateful dog up, placing him on a bright yellow tarp and giving him more pets.

Photo: Miami-Dade Fire Rescue

They lifted him up by gripping the edges of the tarp, and placed him on an ambulance stretcher that was waiting and ready for them.

Photo: Miami-Dade Fire Rescue

From there, one of the firefighters planned to look after the dog and nurse him back to health. He was also going to try and locate the dog’s owner, if he had one.

Photo: Miami-Dade Fire Rescue

A big thank you to the person who called in the dog’s plight. And, of course, many thanks to the heroic firefighters who saved him!

Its stories like these that help restore our faith in humanity!

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