Mother And Son Foster A Tiny Pup, Then She Surprises Him With Adoption Paper

This adorable little teacup Chihuahua, named Mia, was born on August 18, 2016. She spent the next four months without a home, until a loving family in New York decided to foster her on December 4 of that same year.

As the family spent more and more time with her, they got to know Mia and her bubbly little personality better. They also began to fall in love with her more and more each day, especially the little boy, Amir. They both adored Mia.

That’s when Amir’s mom, Nakia, knew she could not ever part ways with Mia. That’s when Mia became what’s known as a “foster fail.” A foster fail is when someone is fostering an animal and winds up loving them too much to let them go, so they permanently adopt them.

But Nakia didn’t want to just adopt Mia and call it a day. She wanted to surprise Amir with the news and make it special for him. That’s when she handed him an adoption certificate stating that Mia has now been adopted by their family. Amir was ecstatic and tearfully held out his arms to his furry best friend while saying, “come here, my Mia.”

It’s so great to know that Mia will always have a permanent home now with people who love her more than anything!

If you want to follow Mia on her adventures, click here for her Instagram page.

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