Iconic Goggle-Wearing Rescue Dogs Deploy From Mexico To Help People In Turkey

The famous rescue dogs from Mexico are being deployed to help earthquake victims in Turkey, fitted with their iconic goggles and booties to suit.

According to BBC, Mexico is prone to earthquakes. As such, they have highly-specialized teams that deploy when disasters strike, including a team of intensely trained rescue dogs.

Photo: Twitter/@m_ebrard

BBC reports that these famous specialist dogs have saved several lives in earthquake responses around the world and have located many bodies in the aftermath of disasters.

The dogs became famous when a yellow Labrador Retriever named Frida was photographed wearing her protective booties and goggles while responding to an earthquake in Mexico City.

Photo: Twitter/@m_ebrard

Friday passed away from old age, but her canine colleagues continue to respond to earthquakes. Following the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria, those iconic recue dogs are finally getting a chance to help after being deployed from Mexico.

Marcelo Ebrard C., the Secretary of Foreign Relations of Mexico, shared about the dogs’ deployment on Twitter, saying (translated): “The heart of our rescue team is currently flying to Turkey.”

He included a video of the 16 specialist dogs that are headed to Turkey from Mexico City:

According to CNN, the flight also included search and rescue experts from the Mexican army, members of the navy, foreign ministry officials, and members of the Red Cross.

The dogs use their keen sense of smell to find victims of the earthquake, dead or alive. Rubble needs to be thoroughly searched to find survivors or missing victims, and the dogs can search and find people in areas where machinery could dislodge the rubble and threaten the lives of those trapped below.

Photo: Twitter/@m_ebrard

Per CNN, the dogs will land in the Turkish city of Adana near the epicenter of the earthquake and will be deployed to impacted areas.

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