Meteorologist And His Dog Show Us The Hazards Of Working Together

The pandemic has been inconvenient for many of us, but then again, there were some interesting things that happened over the past couple of years as well.

Included in that list was the ability for many to work from home, which has been a treat in numerous ways.

Of course, working from home is a convenience, but it also comes with some issues from time to time. One of those issues is having a pet interrupt us while we are working.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

As you are about to see, however, you don’t have to be working at home to be interrupted.

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In this case, it was meteorologist Anthony Farnell who was interrupted by a Storm. No, not a weather storm but his dog named Storm.

Photo: YouTube/Global News

Storm stood in the room and stared Anthony down for a little while in an attempt to get some kind of a treat. He did hang out while the weather forecast was being given, but he paced during the meantime and was a little distracting.

In the end, Anthony was able to finish his segment and Storm was able to get his treat. It was all in a day’s work and now Storm is probably more popular than his meteorologist dad.

If you are a regular viewer of the news in that area, then “Storm the Weather Dog” is already a local celebrity.

He is a miniature Goldendoodle and he has appeared regularly on the news after first going viral about a decade ago.

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