Rescued Chihuahua Lost His Teeth But He’s Winning Followers Left And Right!

Mervin has had it “ruff.” While waiting for a forever family, he lost all of his teeth but that hasn’t stopped him one bit. He’s still full of style (and loads of smiles!) His humans absolutely adore him and who can blame them?! JUST LOOK AT THAT FACE! Mervin also has a wardrobe that would make anyone jealous… especially me!

Being rescued is truly a miracle. So many animals are waiting to be picked so they can be given the life they deserve. That is why it boggles my mind that people still pay for a pet. Absurd, right? Let’s scream this from the rooftops: ADOPT! DON’T SHOP!


I’m so grateful so many of you understand what we’re all about. How many rescue animals do you have? Or I should say: How many rescue animals own you? Because they really do own us, not the other way around.

Let’s save them all! They ALL deserve it!

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