When A Group Of Reluctant Men Were Forced To Hold Kittens For The First Time, Hilarity Ensued

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It’s hard to believe, but not everyone in the world is a cat fan.

A group of men who have expressed their distrust of cats visited a feral cat rescue and were given the opportunity to play with some cute kittens. Although most were reluctant to spend time with these furry felines at first, they quickly got over their fear when they saw how cute, cuddly, and adorable the kittens were!

Screen Shots: YouTube

Screen Shots: YouTube/Buzzfeed Video

No one can resist the soft purrs and entertaining antics of kittens. Eventually the adorable fur balls will work their way into your heart. After spending just a little while with kittens, all of the men are cat fans!

Screen shots: YouTube/Buzzfeed Video

Some men took a little more time than others to come around, but in the end all were melting for kittens. “Do we got anymore of these little loves of joy?” one asked, despite already being covered with multiple kittens.

Others admitted that holding the kittens unleashed something akin to parental affection.
“I am feeling feelings of what I can only describe as maternal protection,” one said. Another agreed that he feels “like a mommy” and takes back “everything bad” he’s ever said about cats.

Screen shot: YouTube/ Buzzfeed Video

See? Even these big tough guys are pretty bowled over by these cute little cuties. Like we’ve said many times before, real men love cats!

find out more in the video below!

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Alli B. was born and raised in the Great Lakes State. She is a proud dog mom to an adorable mutt named Rue, a three-legged pup named Tripp, and a crazy cat mom to two feisty felines, Louie and Pikachu. She spends her days exploring all that Michigan has to offer with her husband and their fur-babies.
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