Cage Free Is The Way To Be! Meet Two Bun Buns That Are Hoppin’ Happy!

Did you know bunnies can live cage free? YUP! Meet two that are doin’ it right! Melvin and Bianca are litter-trained, adorable fluff balls from Sweden. Their human spends tons of time with them so they can safely live outside of a cage. They have an enclosure for when their human has to go out (safety first!) but when they are all together, the bun buns have free reign. Did I mention they have a little bed too that looks like a human bed? OMG! This adorable duo is teaching bunny fans that being cage free is the way to be!

But don’t let this video fool you. Mel and Bianca’s human makes it look super easy when in fact, caring for bunnies is a lot of work. Especially if you want to leave them cage free and train them to use a litter box! Keep that in mind if you’re interested in adopting a bunny. All the work is worth it though, bunnies make great companions!

Bunny Fun Fact:

Rabbits have nearly 360-degree panoramic vision. COOL, right? That’s why their eyes are located where they are on their face. They can even see behind them! WHOA! The only blind spot is pretty much right in front of their little twitchy noses.

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