Meet Richie: The Maine Coon Cat With The Most Magnificent Coat

Maine Coon cats are known for their impressive size and lion-like mane of fur.

Their giant paws, tufted ears, and bushy tails make them irresistible. They are affectionate and loyal which is why they are called the “dogs of the cat world”.

But did you know that there are as many as 75 coat colors for Maine Coons?

Meet Richie.

A black smoke Maine Coon cat that is going viral for his striking coat and larger-than-life personality.

According to Maine Coon Central, “The color of these Maine Coons undercoat is not always easy to identify whilst the Maine Coon is still a kitten though, because it is less visible. The undercoat coloring does however becomes increasingly prominent with age.”

This is something Richie’s mom witnessed firsthand.

As the kitten started to grow in size, his coat coloring started to change as well.

In typical cat fashion, he took control of the house two weeks after he arrived.

When he isn’t posing for the camera, he enjoys watching birds in the garden, napping in the sun, and playing hide-and-seek.

He even gets some fresh air when he goes outside (on a harness, of course).

But the big, muscular cat is apparently afraid of the wind.

Richie makes sure to groom his beautiful coat daily. His mom shared that she also brushes his coat each day to reduce shedding and keep her beloved cat looking his best.

The eye-catching feline celebrated his first birthday in November and is already larger than most cats. His coat continues to change in color.

His mom has referred to him as a lemur, yeti cat, and a lion. Which do you think fits him best?

It is clear to see why these gentle giants are one of the most popular cat breeds in the world. Richie lives in France with his mother and loves to snuggle.

He has over 100k followers on Instagram due to his majestic coat. Follow him on Instagram to see how big he gets.

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