Meals on Wheels Not Just for People Anymore

It’s never easy to be a senior citizen on a fixed income. To get by, many people depend on programs like Meals on Wheels to get the food they need, especially when unplanned expenses like surgeries or medical bills arise.

There was a problem, however. The people who couldn’t afford food for themselves often also couldn’t afford food for their pets. This usually resulted in the seniors sharing their food with their pets, which also meant both human and animal weren’t getting proper nutrition. Some have even had to give their pets away because of an inability to afford food. For many seniors whose friends and family may have passed or live far away, their animal companions are their best friends.

This was a major problem impacting the people served by Meals on Wheels. In response, the charity came up with a simple but remarkable solution.

They started delivering food for both their human and animal clients.


By ensuring that seniors in need were able to feed themselves and their pets, Meals on Wheels is making sure seniors and their pets can be well-fed and provide companionship for each other.

If you’re a senior over 60 years old and need help getting food, click here to find a Meals on Wheels near you. If you’ve got some time on your hands and compassion for those less fortunate in your community, consider volunteering for Meals on Wheels!

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