A War Dog Struggles To Overcome PTSD In A New, Very Important Film

The story of Max is one, as dog lovers, we will feel with every inch of our soul. A dog’s loyalty is bigger than anything we can explain. Imagine what dogs, like Max, do for their human partners in war. Their job, to bond to these humans and protect them, while sniffing out bombs and listening for threatening insurgence, is not just important, it’s essential to survival. But what happens after a dog is no longer able to do his job? Whether he loses his trainer, like in this film, or he is injured, these dogs need to adjust to “normal life” once again. And sometimes it isn’t so simple.

PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, is very real and it doesn’t just affect humans. Max has a long road ahead of him but recovery is possible. This film will not only teach people about military dogs but it will shed a very important light on PTSD. There is hope but, for hope to be possible, we must first understand.

I cannot wait to see this movie!

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