People & Pets In Maui Need Help As Raging Wildfires Drive Them From Their Homes, Even Forcing Some To Jump In The Ocean

Evacuations are being issued in Western and Upcountry Maui as wildfires continue to spread due to high winds from Hurricane Dora. Power lines have come down cutting off communication (including 911 service in West Maui) with numerous residents.

Fallen trees and thick smoke have caused hazardous conditions and many road closures. Open roads are moving slow with heavy traffic.

Firefighters are tirelessly battling the raging fires which are now considered one of the worst in US history. “The fire can be a mile or more from your house, but in a minute or two, it can be at your house,” said Fire Assistant Chief Jeff Giesea. “Burning airborne materials can light fires a great distance away from the main body of fire.”

Panic is setting in and the only option for some was to jump into the ocean to escape the flames and thick smoke. The County of Maui stated, “The Coast Guard has been responding to impacted areas where residents are entering the ocean due to smoke and fire conditions. Individuals were transported by the Coast Guard to safe areas.”

Over 100 people have died and more than 11,000 have been evacuated from the island as the fires turn the historic town of Lahaina into ashes. The American Red Cross has emergency shelters set up for people and their pets from affected areas.

“We are closely following the wildfires caused by the strong winds of Hurricane Dora,” said Acting Governor Sylvia Luke in a press release. “The safety of our residents is paramount, and this emergency proclamation will activate the Hawaiʻi National Guard to support emergency responders in the impacted communities.”

How You Can Help

People and pets displaced by the wildfires need your help now! Local hospitals are overwhelmed with burn victims and our animal shelter partners on the ground are actively working to take in and care for burned and displaced pets.

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Join us in helping the people and pets of Hawaii by donating here. Greater Good Charities’ Disaster Response Team is actively communicating with our partners on the ground to assess damages and provide solutions to aid in the island’s long-term recovery.

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Every little bit helps.

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