Resilient Kitten Rescued From Maui Wildfires Is Spreading Joy And Hope

The historic town of Lahaina has been burned to the ground by intense wildfires. The death toll continues to rise as search-and-rescue teams slowly make their way through the destruction to search for survivors.

Amid all the devastation and loss comes a story of hope from Maui Humane Society (MHS) about a resilient kitten.

A 3-month-old kitten emerged from the ashes and was discovered by a community member in Lahaina. The little feline managed to survive the inferno but not without injury. He was brought to MHS’ pop-up clinic at Lahaina Gateway where he was immediately examined by a vet.

His ears, face, and paws were burned, and no microchip was found.

Photo: Maui Humane Society

The medical team took the kitten back to the shelter for further care and noticed he was depressed.

However, after a nutritious meal and a good night’s rest he was a completely different cat the next morning.

He greeted his caretakers with “loud meows and the yearning for affection”. While he is quickly winning the heart of everyone he meets, he must have a family who is looking for him.

Photo: Maui Humane Society

The shelter wrote, “We know he has an Ohana (family) out there. Despite what he has been through, his spirits are still up and he inspires us. We named him “Ho’omau”. It means to persevere.”

The friendly kitten is spreading cheer and hope to all. The post was concluded with, “We hope that Ho’omau can inspire you too. That even during these tragic times to not lose hope, to show aloha and to give aloha.”

The devoted and hardworking staff and volunteers at MHS are true heroes. Another Hawaii resident commented, “A happy feeling in my heart in spite of all this sadness… thank you Maui Humane Society for the tireless effort each and everyone in your organization gives every day. We know you are our maui heroes who don’t ask to be recognized or pat on the back. Your service to these creatures are given without anything expected in return. These animals are our family members and we are grateful for you!”

See how the little fella responds to his caretakers in the video below.

Thousands of pets are still missing and MHS is doing all they can to reunite families with their beloved pets. Find out more on their website.

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