Maui Humane Society Shares Several Ways People Can Help Animals During Wildfire Crisis

“Hell on Earth”, “war zone”, “the Apocalypse”, these are the words being used to describe the destruction and devastation in Maui from ongoing wildfires.

Since the catastrophic wildfires ignited on Tuesday, Maui Humane Society has been ready and willing to help animals in need.

Humane Enforcement Officers were standing by to help Upcounty Maui residents evacuate their pets. Maui Humane Society posted, “We can help transport animals: dogs, cats, small animals, goats, horses (we have trailers!) Please help your friends and family in Upcountry! Additionally, if you have not prepared an emergency bag for your pets, please do so!”

Photo: Maui Humane Society

The shelter also prepped their pets just in case the flames head in their direction. They have remained out of harm’s way so far and are now focusing on helping the displaced and burned pets.

Photo: Maui Humane Society

The intense fires are spreading fast due to strong winds from Hurricane Dora. Evacuation orders have been issued across the island as the flames consume homes, buildings, and anything in their path. Thousands are without power and unable to communicate with emergency services.

It is all hands on deck as the shelter navigates the dire situation and does everything in their power to rescue, care, and reunite lost and injured pets with their families. It will be a long road to recovery, but the devoted staff and volunteers will be there every step of the way.

The shelter took a moment to update their followers on Facebook with several ways they can help and listed resources for locals on their website.

“As we are experiencing tragedy or know someone who is, we will need to band together as a community for both our humans and animals. If you are in a position to help, please do – and there are multiple ways to help,” stated the shelter.

Foster A Dog

The shelter is looking for locals who are in safe areas to be SOS fosters. This means they agree to foster the pet for a couple of weeks while the shelter cares for displaced and injured dogs.

Photo: Maui Humane Society

Donate Essential Supplies & Pet Food

The donated food will be used to feed the pets at the shelter and locals impacted by the fires and need assistance.

Photo: Maui Humane Society

Lost & Found

There are resources for people who have lost or found a pet. The goal is to get them all reunited with their families.

Photo: Maui Humane Society

Donate Towards Medical Care

Photo: Maui Humane Society

We are working with Maui Humane Society to help burned animals get the care they need, but we need your help. Donate now to help care for these innocent animals and provide support for the displaced people & pets.

The people and pets of Maui need our help. Together we can make a difference.

Photo: Maui Humane Society

Every little bit helps.

Help Rescue Animals

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