Maude: Love In A Silent World

Today’s featured Dog of the Day is Maude, a deaf rescued dog who has found a loving home.

Rescue Story_Maude

Maude made a rather unexpected leap into my life one night in March. A roommate brought her home at 2 in the morning after she had been abandoned on the side of the road. I tried my best to not get attached to the lab mix, seeing as how my roommate at the time badly wanted a dog, but my attempts failed. After nearly three weeks of searching for an owner, or anyone that might have known where she came from, I knew that Maude was here to stay.

I soon grew to understand how special Maude is. She loves to cuddle, to snuggle, and is a huge lover… but she is also completely deaf. As I came to realize the extent of her deafness (completely deaf in both ears), I scoured every source I had for information on how to live with a deaf dog. Using these resources, I learned what hand signals she understood, the best ways to train her and communicate with her, and just how much love she could offer. I must have been the first person to break through into her silent world in a very long time. She went from an anxious and confused abandoned dog to a confident and happy companion. She is my loyal partner and is always with me.

Maude looks to me for guidance through a world full of sounds she can’t interpret, and I look to her for comfort and understanding when I just don’t feel like talking.

Miles City, MT

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