A Dog Rescued From A Bad Breeder Was So Matted, Vets Had No Idea Who They’d Find Underneath

A dog named Cinderella was rescued from a bad breeder. The hair on the side of her face was so matted that it looked like a leg hanging off of it. The matted hair was soaked in urine and filth.

She was brought to the vet who gave her a much-needed haircut. All of the hair that they cut and shaved off was almost 50% extra body weight on her. Once she was shaved down, they realized that Cinderella was actually a he!

Luckily, he made an amazing recovery and looks like a whole new dog! Despite what he’s been through, he’s an extremely friendly and affectionate pup. He loves people and he enjoys running around and playing.

Thank goodness this sweet pup will always be cared for and will never have to worry about getting that neglected again or used for breeding.

His transformation is incredible! Watch it in the video below:

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