Maru ‘Dresses’ Himself With Some Rockin’ Hairdos — What PURRFECTION!

Maru is world famous for his silly antics, and now, he’s taking it a step further, with help from his human, to show us what hairstyles look best… on a cat!


This adorable, fun-loving cat doesn’t just love cardboard boxes, he loves squeezing himself into mixing bowls, toy boxes and other tempting spots– creating this laugh out loud, adorable cat-blob that is sure to make you put the video on repeat.

Now this?! OMG! The hairstyles are a riot! Each one is cleverly set on the very thing he can’t resist sticking his head into… making it one purrfect shot after another! My stomach muscles are killing me!


Sure, many animal lovers are NOT fans of animals in costumes but does this really count? I mean, he is “dressing” himself. Maru never fails in funny, and I never fail lovin’ every second! What are you waiting for, go have a laugh and be sure to SHARE with all your friends. This is just too awesome to keep to yourself!

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