Is Maru At It Again? Good, Because He’s My Favorite!

Maru, known for his ability to fit anywhere, especially tiny boxes, is at it again and this time he’s sitting in a glass mixing bowl. I don’t know how it does it. I know he has bones in there somewhere… LOL! This fluffy, lovable goof ball is sure to make anyone’s day a little better. Because seriously, how can you watch this and not smile? That face is just too cute! I love Maru!

Loved this and need more? Of course you do! Meet the sweetest Golden Retriever that is totally obsessed with her toys. So much so that she brings a different one to bed with her every single night. HOW CUTE IS THAT?! I know, I’m totally in love with her too!

Most dogs love their toys so much. Once you match them with one that they really, really love, they form a bond with it. A lot like a child would.

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