Marriott and Petco Join Forces to Provide Pet Parents with Way More Travel Options Year-Round

Options for pet-friendly travel accommodations continue to rise as more and more big businesses recognize the pets-are-family trend. Take the recent move by the Marriott Hotel chain and pet product and service provider Petco. It was announced that the two have joined forces to offer travelers more options for including their four-legged family members when going out of town.

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Traveling with Pets

Homes & Villas by Marriott Bonvoy and Petco Health + Wellness have teamed up to offer accommodations and “experiences” for individuals or families traveling with pets. This is good news for pet owners, as nearly a third of them have made it known that they plan on bringing Fido and Fifi with them during their holiday travels. It used to be that people with pets would either board them or try to wrangle friends or family members into watching them while they were away. Not anymore.

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Pets Welcome

Marriott’s Homes & Villas booking website is now featuring a “Pet-Friendly Picks by Petco” selection for customers to peruse when deciding where to stay. The choices provided are vacation properties Petco feels meet the standards for pet safety, health, and wellness among the 80,000-plus properties available. Whether it’s Stateside or international, vacation rental homes are at your fingertips.

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Airbnb for Pets

When you check it out it looks as though Marriott has rounded up some amazing Airbnb properties to select from. The site states “The health & wellness experts at Petco recommend looking for a home with a yard or proximity to nearby walking paths, hiking trails, and pet-friendly beaches to make traveling safer and more enjoyable for your pet. Even better if the home offers special pet-friendly amenities like kennels, bedding, toys, or treats that will help your pet feel comfortable and happy in their new environment.”

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Pet-Friendly Businesses

The concept, from a marketing standpoint, is a stroke of genius. Eliminating all of the hassles and narrowing the selections down to one convenient spot will surely be a hit with pet owners. “For many of our guests, family vacations mean including their four-legged family members, and since the pandemic, we’ve seen ‘Pets Allowed’ rise to become one of the top two most popular filters our guests choose when searching for homes,” stated Jennifer Hsieh, Vice President of Homes & Villas by Marriott Bonvoy, Marriott International.

“Our collaboration with an expert like Petco means we will better accommodate guests seeking the space and amenities of a vacation rental that welcomes pets and make traveling with your pet simpler, more rewarding, and memorable.”

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Petco Travel Essentials

During your trip, Petco will be providing items from their Essentials Collection for making travel with pets that much easier. Sent directly to your rental property, they include stuff like beds, bowls, toys, and other accessories so you don’t have to bring them. There’s also helpful info on the website like packing checklists and articles on preparing for stress-free trips with your pets.

“As pets become more and more central to our lives, pet-friendly travel is the natural evolution in humanization and premiumization in the pet category,” notes Jenny Wolski, SVP of Omnichannel Experience for Petco. “With pet parents increasingly traveling and exploring the world with their whole family – whether for vacations, work, or a combination of both – collaborating with Homes & Villas by Marriott Bonvoy will create a tailored experience with all the resources, assistance, and supplies needed for worry-free pet travel.”

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