K9 Saved His Navy Seal Partner’s Life Countless Times. Now In Retirement, They Are Inseparable!

The story of this German Shepherd Navy Seal dog and his human, Navy Seal Trevor Maroshek, is both heart-warming and inspiring! Maroshek enlisted in the military after 9/11 and was partnered up with a Navy Seal dog named Chopper. Chopper saved Maroshek’s life several times and now he is helping him recover from both the physical and psychological effects from his time in the military. Not only did they work together, but they’re also the best of friends!

Maroshek and Chopper visited ‘Today’ to share their amazing story. Chopper not only saved Maroshek’s life, but also saved other service members lives on the battlefield of Iraq and Afghanistan from IEDs and also ambushes from the Taliban. Now Maroshek runs the Seal Dog Foundation which helps wounded vets and service members acquire service dogs and emotional support dogs.

Navy Seal dogs have a tough job. They’re trained in five areas of expertise: explosive detection, tracking search & rescue, laser target acquisition, sixth sense training, and bite work. Luckily, Chopper has completed all of his hard work and now he can relax and experience life as a normal dog! The best part is that he will always get to be alongside Marshes for as long as he lives!

Watch more on Maroshek and Chopper’s beautiful story below:

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