Marnie Gets A New Toy And Can’t Stop Talking About It!

Marnie is madly in love with his new pink bunny and can’t stop talking about it, although it takes a little bit to warm up to.

At first, the parrot approaches with trepidation, almost as if to ask, “could this truly be for me?”

After a few experimental pecks and prods, Marnie realizes the prone plush is friend, and not foe, and starts to get chatty.

The bunny isn’t one for conversation, but certainly obliges his new friend’s curious pecks.

Mom may be preparing dinner nearby, but a new, pink friend is all that Marnie’s mind is concerned with.

The two look like they will enjoy each other’s company very much.

Now, Marnie just can’t stop chittering about her new friend.

Watch Marnie meet and greet her funny new perch mate in the video below!

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