Need Some Frisky? Watch This MEOW!

Cole and Marmalade aren’t just adorable. They are very funny too! Marmalade being frisky may just be all that you need today to make you smile really big, until your mouth hurts (in a good way!). He is so adorable! I have such a soft spot for orange tabbies… And look at those eyes! Aren’t they just gorgeous?

No worries folks; Cole joins in on the fun. He can’t resist Marmalade either…what a smart cat! LOL! Cole is so handsome, too! I adore black cats. I have had a few in my animal pack. And my first black cat was also named Cole, by the way. What a coincidence, right?

What makes your cat frisky? Cat nip? Cat toys? Your other cat? LOL!

For my cat, it’s bugs! Always bugs. And the smaller the bug, the more crazy she gets. Give her a gnat and it will keep her busy for hours! Why can’t she help me out with the bigger bugs? No, sir. It’s gotta be a gnat! And it’s hilarious!

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