Heartbroken Little Girl Gets A Kitten That Looks Like The Cat She Had Lost

When Marley lost her cat due to old age, she was completely heartbroken. The bond that a child develops with her pet is one that transcends a lot of what we can explain.

So much happens when a child bonds to an animal. The bond mimics that of a sibling. This loss devastated Marley. And there was little that was helping to mend her broken heart.

Marley’s mother did what she could but felt that THIS was the best way to help Marley: She adopted a kitten that looks a lot like the cat she lost.


Marley’s reaction is incredible. She is so overcome with emotion that tears begin to flow. She can’t believe that this kitten, that waited for her in her room so that when she came home from a friend’s house, she was completely surprised, was now HER kitten.


Our pets cannot be replaced but sometimes moving on is the best way to heal. Marley named her new cat Ella and the two are TOTALLY inseparable. They are developing that special bond like Marley had with her last cat, the kind that doesn’t really have a label or the right words that can truly do it justice.

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