Marine Is Reunited With A Puppy He Saved While On Duty Overseas

We sometimes see reunion videos online and they can be some of the more touching moments of our day. Sometimes, those reunions are between humans, but for Sgt. Jacob Fisher, it was a reunion with a beloved puppy. He had been deployed in Afghanistan for 7 months, and after finding Jax, he vowed that he would bring him home somehow.

As you can imagine, it’s not the easiest thing to bring a dog from Afghanistan into the United States. There are a lot of legal issues that are involved, and plenty of paperwork. There are some organizations that help to make it a reality, and it doesn’t matter if you find a dog in Afghanistan or at a local pound, they become a part of your heart very quickly.

Photo: YouTube | PAWsitive

“Sgt. Jacob is on active-duty, a hero who continues to protect our freedoms and our lives. When he found Jax, only a puppy at the time, he knew he couldn’t leave him to fend for himself in the harsh and potentially dangerous streets of Bagram, Afghanistan. He had to save one more life before going home – and he did,” reads the YouTube video description.

You can see more about the reunion between a Marine and his beloved puppy in the following video:

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