March Madness: This Terrier-Boxer Mix Just Progressed To The “Final Fur”

Two years back, a terrier-boxer mix named Cesara found herself in a South Carolina-based shelter, earmarked for the kill list solely because she had come down with a treatable form of heartworm disease.

Luckily, this sickly mutt’s fortunes improved considerably when a Connecticut-based group, Dog Star Rescue, got wind of Cesara’s plight and took her across state lines. Now Cesara isn’t just 100 percent healthy, she’s ready to take on the world with an active, people-first outlook that quickly endears her to every human she meets.

Photo: Facebook/A Home for Cesara
Photo: Facebook/A Home for Cesara

But while Cesara has fully recovered from her initial bouts of poor health, Dog Star Rescue is still having trouble finding this pooch a forever home. It could be wariness of her terrier heritage, her bulky 60-pound frame, or Cesara’s snarly demeanor around other pets. It’s a shame because this happy dog would be the perfect addition to an active young family, especially considering her affinity for hiking, running, kayaking, and road trips – as long as there’s a human in tow.

Photo: Petplan Pet Insurance
Photo: Petplan Pet Insurance

Regardless, the folks at Dog Star Rescue are getting creative to help Cesara with her dilemma by enrolling her in the Tournament of Tails, a March Madness-style animal rescue bracket hosted by Pet Plan Insurance. The goal is to raise awareness and funding for “underdogs (and cats!),” with each shelter putting forth one adoptable rescue in a series of March Madness-style matchups. The winning rescue pet gets $5,000 for the shelter!

At time of writing, Cesara had progressed to the “final fur,” which is quite an accomplishment whether or not she makes it to the final round. Cast your vote today to improve this sweet animal’s chances of finding a forever home!

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