Stray Dog With Balloon-Size Abscess Under His Chin Is Rescued Off The Street And Showered With Love

A dog named Mango was found wandering around the streets of India all alone. When people discovered him, they realized that he had a balloon-size abscess under his chin. They called Animal Aid Unlimited for assistance.

When rescuers arrived, they rushed the dog to their headquarters so they could nurse him back to health. Over the next 15 days, they drained the abscess and fed him. They took such great care of him and showered him with love. It’s unknown how the dog wound up on the streets, but it’s very likely that he has never known anything different. Now he will feel affection for the rest of his days and will always be healthy and safe! Thank goodness for the Good Samaritans who called up Animal Aid, and for the rescuers for putting in the time and effort to get Mango back to normal.

Watch his transformation in the video below:

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