Stray Mangey Dog And Her Puppy Are Given A Second Chance At Life

One mother dog was suffering as she tried to provide the best life she could for her little pup.

Both mother dog, and her little puppy, Coco, were living on the streets. Besides having a very tough life, the two were suffering from an advanced stage of mange.

Mange is an awful disease that affects the skin. Both Mama and Coco were itchy and uncomfortable.

Photo: YouTube/Animal Aid Unlimited, India

Thankfully, their suffering didn’t last long as they were eventually picked up by an animal rescue and given treatment.

The two were brought in to see a vet by Animal Aid Unlimited, and they were started on a treatment of Ivermectin and medicated baths.

Photo: YouTube/Animal Aid Unlimited, India

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Besides receiving the medical treatment they so desperately needed, they were also provided with lots of food. But what helped them get through the worst of it, was having each other.

Photo: YouTube/Animal Aid Unlimited, India

Little Coco was lucky to have his mom by his side through it all. Eventually, the two got better and we are so happy for them!

Watch the video below:

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