Rescuers Save Old Dog Dying From Mange On The Streets

Mange can be a serious condition in dogs, especially if left untreated. For those pups with mange who get help, it can take months to recover.

When rescuers with Animal Aid Unlimited in India saw Petey on the streets, they knew they couldn’t leave him to suffer any longer.

Photo: YouTube/Animal Aid Unlimited, India

The rescue shared on YouTube that Petey was an elderly street dog who was covered in scabs and wounds from his mange. Beyond that, he was suffering from a wound on his leg and a severely infected eye.

They wrote, “This poor gentle boy had almost reached the end of his life. With a deep maggot-filled wound on his leg, he could hardly walk. His vision too was blurred by a wound near his eye that was probably caused by scratching. He was starving and even his toes were swollen and tender.”

Photo: YouTube/Animal Aid Unlimited, India

It seemed that Petey knew they were there to help. He let the rescuers with Animal Aid Unlimited take him to their rescue, and from there, he was able to be treated for maggots and infection. They offered him creams and medicated baths, in addition to plenty of nutritious meals.

It took a bit of time, but Petey went from being on the verge of death to settling into his new life with newfound health. The rescue said, “He’s not rambunctious or bouncy. Gentle Petey is one of those shining souls who just wants to be a good boy.”

Photo: YouTube/Animal Aid Unlimited, India

You can see more of Petey’s story in the video below:

Warning: The following video contains graphic imagery that may not be suitable for all viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

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