Man Transports Bee Colony By Holding The Queen In His Hand

When most people think of bees, they don’t think of critters they’d want to hold or cuddle. In fact, most people probably try to keep their distance from the insects to avoid being stung.

But one man in the Dominican Republic has no problem handling bees. In fact, he carried the entire colony on his bare arm!

In an incredible video, a beekeeper is seen walking down the street with his arm covered in bees. The bees are peacefully clinging to him and refuse to let go. Apparently, he was holding the queen bee in his fist and the whole colony wanted to stay close to her.

Photo: Instagram / daniirodman

The video was shared to social media by Danii Rodman and quickly went viral. In the video, the beekeeper shares that the bees on his arm are his and they’re following him because he was the queen in his fist.

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The Daily Mail reports that the beekeeper was transporting the bees to a box. When asked how he avoids being stung, he replied, “They know their owner.”

The video quickly went viral was shared to Twitter and Reddit.

Photo: Twitter / AMAZlNGSCIENCE

The clip quickly drew attention and received thousands of likes, comments, and shares. Many people wanted to know how it was possible to carry the whole colony like he did and how he avoided being stung.

Some commenters on Reddit were quick to explain the science behind it all.

For example, one person explained:

Photo: Unsplash

“Bees ‘swarm’ when there’s a new queen and a chunk of the previous colony breaks off to start a new hive.

At this point, the bee swarm looks absolutely scary but it’s the most docile ever because it’s only looking for a new home while protecting the queen.

Since the queen, in this case, doesn’t feel threatened and isn’t being harmed, the rest of the swarm just follows along.”

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