Man Who Recently Lost His Dog Surprised With A New Puppy

Losing a pet is hard. You’re essentially losing a best friend, and for one man, the death of his dog, a red heeler named Mika, was completely devastating.

She was his best buddy and was always by his side on the family’s farm. It was definitely a big adjustment being without her.

As the man’s wife shared with ViralHog, “My husband lost his best friend, his dog (red heeler) Mika, a few months ago. She went everywhere with him. She went to work with him on the sod farm every day and even rode the equipment with him. She was with him from the time he got up till he went to bed. He mourned her horribly.”

Photo: Piqsels

The man’s family felt really bad for him having to go through the loss of Mika, and they wanted to do something to help him through his grief.

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They figured that having another dog might help him get through the grief, and when his daughter began to do her research, she happened to stumble upon a litter of puppies that had been born on the man’s birthday!

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

She took it as a sign that they should take him to go meet the pups. As his wife shared, they took a road trip to see the puppies and pick one out for him as a surprise.

The Missouri-based family ended up finding Boone amongst the litter. He was the puppy that really stood out, and for two weeks, the entire family kept Boone a secret! Eventually, they were able to surprise the farmer with his new companion, and he was overcome with joy and surprise.

Photo: YouTube/ViralHog

As his wife explained, “We knew his reaction would be emotional but never expected this. He may be a big tough guy but he has an even bigger heart.”

Watch the sweet clip below:

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