The Internet Is Outraged After A Video Surfaced Of A Man Pushing Down On A Beluga Whale’s Head

People love animals, and sometimes they will go out of their way to show us just how interesting an animal under their care can be. Perhaps that is why a man was seen in a video poking and squeezing the head of a beluga whale to “show how soft it is.”

A sea life center in Shenzhen, South China is the area where this video was taken on August 12. The man was demonstrating to children that the whale had a soft head. Although it isn’t known for sure, he is thought to be an employee at an aquarium. The mammal, named Dabai, apparently has a bond with him.

He said according to Times Now News: “Its name is Dabai, it lives in an aquarium, it is three years old and I am with it every day, our relationship is very good.”

Although he admits that the beluga is good the majority of the time, there are times when he will spray water. They are also very smart, with an IQ that is approximately 20% of the average human IQ.

He continues: “In this video, I’m touching its head and its head is super soft. Then it laughs, super cute. I chat with it every day and it uses movements to respond to me.”

Many people who watch the video did not agree that what he did was cute. In fact, some of them are outraged, saying that it is never right to poke a Beluga whale’s head. Someone else chimed in about the life of the mammal, living in a tiny tank with no fresh air or sunlight.

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Interestingly, the head of a beluga whale is soft. It doesn’t have anything to do with an exposed brain, it is the “melon” that is found on those animals. An organ that is made mostly of fats helps to direct and change the soundwaves of the whale.

Whales use something known as “echolocation” to communicate. They project sounds to see what is around them. This is used while they are feeding or to speak to other whales.

The melon is soft because it is filled with wax and oil. The brain is protected inside of the skull, so if you press on the melon, you are not putting the whale at risk.

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