Woman Looks Out Window And Captures Sweet Moment Man Introduces Puppy To Cat

Dogs and cats are known enemies, but sometimes, they can get along quite well.

Usually, we see cats and dogs being friends when they live together, but sometimes they can make friends with each other at the most unexpected times.

That’s what happened with a little puppy going on a walk with his owner. The 4-month-old Welsh Terrier poodle mix named Ted was out for a daily stroll when he walked past a cat.

Photo: Pexels/Teela Hudak

They happened to be walking by Cheyenne’s apartment when she looked out the window and saw the sweet moment unfold. As Cheyenne captured on video, Ted’s owner noticed the cat and lifted his puppy up to sniff it.

The two animals had a moment eye-to-eye with one another. At first, they were both unsure how to react, but by the end of the interaction, they’d become friends.

Photo: TikTok/cheyennetylerberry

Cheyenne shared the video to TikTok, saying, “caught this pure moment and I haven’t stopped smiling since.”

Since the adorable video went viral, Ted’s owner actually happened to see it! He commented on the video saying, “I should point out that I had petted the cat first and assessed how this might turn out. Ted is 4 months old and has been introduced to cats before.

Photo: TikTok/cheyennetylerberry

It’s nice to know Ted’s owner is a responsible pet parent, and the video shows just how much he care for both his dog and the neighborhood cats.

Watch the video below:


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