Florida Man Saves His 8-Month-Old Puppy From The Jaws Of An Alligator

Most people would say that there is nothing they wouldn’t do for a dog that is part of the family. They provide them with a great place to live, plenty of good food, and even take them to the vet when necessary.

Every once in a while, we are given the opportunity to show exactly how much we love our dog, and Mike McCoy got that opportunity recently.

McCoy lives in Holiday, Florida, and he was walking his 8-month-old Labrador retriever, Jake. Suddenly, an alligator jumped out of a nearby pond and grabbed the dog, according to a local news station.

Photo: flickr/Florida Fish and Wildlife

They also reported that a woman who saw it happening described it as being like a “snake darting really fast.”

Many people would’ve been dumbfounded over the situation but McCoy didn’t hesitate. He jumped into the water and began to fight the alligator for the life of his dog.

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He stuck his thumb in the alligator’s eye, picked the alligator up out of the water, and eventually, the gator let the dog go. In his words, he had “no hesitation” about saving the dog.

Photo: YouTube/ABC Action News
Photo: YouTube/ABC Action News

In the end, the dog needed some stitches and even McCoy needed a few as well. He said that the dog was on the mend, and was full of plenty of energy.

At this time, the Florida Fish and wildlife commission is trying to remove the gator, which is estimated to be up to 9 feet long.


They also warn Florida residents to stay away from alligators because serious injuries, although rare, can occur.

They also say that if they do come in contact with an alligator, keep your distance and call the toll-free hotline to get assistance.

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