Man Raises Caterpillars He Found In His Broccoli During Lockdown

Lockdown forced many of us to find new ways of entertaining ourselves for a good few months. While many of us threw ourselves into gardening or becoming master bakers, others among us got really into arts and crafts. Personally, I threw myself into my writing. But no matter what we all managed to do to stay sane and busy while indoors, there was one man who had us all beat in terms of unique quarantine activity.

Sam Darlatston began raising caterpillars. Sam came across his new hobby quite by chance after he almost cooked them. Luckily for the seven little caterpillars, Sam noticed them hiding in his broccoli before he cooked it. After rescuing them from a near scary fate, the 27-year-old decided to raise them. And he shared his caterpillars’ new life in his garden to his social media.

He first tweeted about their discovery on Twitter. He wrote about unwrapping one packet of broccoli only to discover one little caterpillar in it. He decided to keep it and name it Cedric. Not long after, he opened another pack where he found six more little caterpillars. Immediately he took to social media to share the additions of his bug family. The seventh and final caterpillar was found by Sam’s roommate.

That prompted another tweet in which Sam said, “WELL! What do you know! My housemate just went to cook his broccoli and BAMMMMMMM, he’s got green mates too. Open to name suggestions for our 7th caterpillar child.”

He ended up naming his seven little bug babies Broc, Olly, Cedric, Croc, Janine, Sim Eric, and Carlos. However, as of the 25th of June, all but one of them have made the big transformation into butterflies.

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Broc, Olly, Cedric, Croc, Janine, and Sim Eric have all made the change and gone on to fly away. When Broc was released into the world as a butterfly, Sam shared the video on social media, writing that it was time for his “kids” to fly away.

The only one who has yet to make the big transition and fly away is Carlos, who has come to be affectionately known as Clingy Carlos. The little caterpillar is still in his cocoon, apparently reluctant to leave home.

As Sam shared on Twitter, “Just waiting on the escapologist (still cocooned under the candle holder).”

At some point, it will be time to say goodbye to him too, and we don’t doubt it’ll be an emotional farewell.

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