Man Goes To Jail Instead Of Giving Up His Dog

We all say that we would go to the ends of the earth for our furry companion, but Barry Myrick had the opportunity to put it to a test.

Myrick was a pest-control professional with M&M Environmental in Queens. Roxy, his dog, is a pit bull that sniffs out bedbugs. Although that is the case, he considers her to be his “best friend,” in addition to his work companion.

How far was Myrick willing to go in order to show his devotion to his dog? Perhaps further than most people, because he has Roxy tattooed on his leg.

Photo: Pixabay

The 37-year-old man took things a step further, however, after being laid off from the pest control company in March.

Roxy was provided by the company four years before he got laid off, although Myrick provided everything that the dog needed, including taking her to the vet when necessary. She lived in his home along with his wife, Joana. Prior to that time, Roxy was being trained in Florida for sniffing out bedbugs.

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As you can imagine, Roxy and Myrick became quite close over the years. When the pandemic started, however, Myrick decided to be laid off from that position rather than becoming a COVID cleaner for the same company. He turned back in everything, including his company vehicle, equipment, and credit cards, but Roxy stayed by his side.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A letter arrived at his home on June 25, however, stating that the dog was company property and demanding that she be sent back to M&M right away. After Myrick refused to comply, the company took legal action saying that Roxy was stolen and Myrick was charged with grand larceny.

That is when he made the decision to go to jail rather than saying goodbye to his dog. He turned himself into the New York Police Department and spent 15 hours in jail.

While there, he was in a cell with 20 others and found it difficult to tell someone he was there because of a puppy when others had committed such heinous crimes.


Thankfully, the New York Post reported that M&M and Myrick have come to a settlement that allows Myrick to keep Roxy. They shared that a kind-hearted person who’d heard of Myrick and Roxy’s dilemma, E. Powell Miller, offered to pay M&M $15,000 to let Myrick keep Roxy.

Trained dogs like Roxy cost around $15,000 so the company is expected to accept the cash offer in exchange for the dog.

We’ll have to see where this one goes, but it’s interesting how far he was willing to take things for the love of a dog.

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