82-Year-Old’s Roommate Walked His Dog And Gave It Away To A Stranger

We sometimes feel as if we have a grip on what we are thinking, but it’s difficult to say what someone else is thinking. There are times when they may do things that are so outrageous, it just makes us shake our head and wonder how they could possibly do it.

An example of this is how people who don’t own animals can’t seem to wrap their heads around just how much pet owners love the animals under their care. They can’t understand the grief and anxiety that pet owner experiences when they are separated from their beloved pet.

Unfortunately, this took place with an 82-year-old man who had his roommate take his dog for a walk. That man ended up giving the dog away to a stranger.

Jeffery McChesney, his 54-year-old roommate, took Koa for a walk in San Francisco. When he returned, he didn’t have the dog with him any longer.

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The man was devastated by the loss and called the police. McChesney has been arrested since then.

They are accusing McChesney of elder abuse and dog theft. The police are also doing their best to find the dog that has been given away. It is thought that Koa was given to a woman with short brown hair in the Stow Lake area.

Let’s just hope that this man is able to get his beloved animal back again.

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