Man Goes On Tinder And Finds His Dog’s Previous Owner

They sometimes say that finding your significant other is like finding a “match made in heaven.” At times, it may also be a matter of finding a match made on Tinder.

This was recently seen in an amazing way when a man went looking for love on Tinder.

He was a man who loved his dog, and it turns out that fate was watching because the person he was interested in was also the person he adopted his dog from.

Photo: Max Pixel

The coincidence was shared on Twitter and it wasn’t long before social media was buzzing.

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@JimNo1871 said: “Been chatting to this girl on Tinder for the past few days. Only turns out that I adopted her Labrador a few years ago.”

When they first started talking, she said that she had a dog like him at one time, a black Labrador named Onyx. It wasn’t long before they put two and two together.

She said that the dog was put up for adoption when she was 17 years old. That was back in 2018 and she admits she was more upset than she was in her whole life.


That is when he got back to her saying: “I’ve had Onyx that long.”

Overall, 150,000 people have liked the post. Many of them are surprised, not only with the fortunate find but with how a dog can bring people together in more ways than one.

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